I’ve written news, long-form features, profiles and explainers about everything from Taylor Swift’s battle for her master recordings to the streaming wars to how Gen Z used TikTok and Instagram to upend how we think about personal finance. Here’s a sampling.

Culture and entertainment:

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Yes, We’re Still Watching

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Paste Magazine


Gen Z Is Rewriting the Rules for Personal Finance in Real Time. That’s Good, Right?
Money Magazine

A Pandemic Relief Program Offered Struggling Student Loan Borrowers a Lifeline. Most Never Knew About It
Money Magazine

The Hottest New Scene on Campus: Investing Clubs
Money Magazine

Rock-Climbing’s 11-Year-Old Stars Hit Bump at Sport’s Moment of Glory
Bloomberg News

Personal Finance

I Quit My Job, so I Asked Financial Planners How to Save for Retirement Without a 401(k)
Business Insider

How to Invest in Mutual Funds
The Wall Street Journal’s Buy Side


The Tech IPO Market Is Back and Deal Valuations Are Rising. Don’t Get Fooled Again

Major Retailers Are Launching Affordable Clothing Lines for Children With Disabilities

Creative Nonfiction

The Houses
Punctuate Magazine